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Innovative solution for green energy

The Dutch government is clear in its objective: in 2020, 14% of the energy must be generated in a sustainable way. Here innovation is the strength. Solar energy is already used in many ways as an important alternate source of energy. Also the use of wind at sea is receiving a lot of attention at the moment. But innovation goes still further.

What would you think of a floating solar installation?

The use of solar panels on water knows, apart from generating green electricity, many (environmental) advantages. Water will not evaporate as quickly because of the sun panels. Because the temperature of the water remains lower it also contains more oxygen for plants and animals. In addition the floating systems are more durable than the systems which are situated ashore, because no land is occupied by them.

Green deal!

Van der Valk Solar Systems has developed such a floating solar installation. These units can be coupled, on the water, to a large system, which can be used worldwide. The construction moves with the water level and can withstand heavy storms.


Both the financial and ecological advantages make this floating solar system an interesting development in looking for a sustainable economy, in which green energy and economic growth go hand in hand. A good 'green deal' therefore!

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