With the ValkBox® ease takes precedence

With the ValkBox, Van der Valk Solar Systems has developed a solar-mounting system which puts ease first. Logistics ease, ease of ordering and mounting for the installer, and ‘comfortable price’ for the user. The ValkBox is suitable for use on roofs of homes and small commercial buildings. 
The ValkBox is an enormous logistical advance. As an installer you only need to keep one product in stock. You have the right materials for your order easily within reach. To emphasise the logistical ease of the ValkBox, the three different box formats fit delivery and/or storage on Europallets.
Determination of the right mounting materials for a pitched tiled roof can be easily done via the ValkBoxplanner.  

The ValkBox 3 for flat roofs

The ValkBox 3-Uni set contains all of the mounting materials required to install one solar panel (landscape) on a flat roof. Like 2 aluminium brackets with a tilt angle of 20 degrees (anodised for a long lifespan) and 4 special rubber tile supports for optimal pressure distribution.


The ValkBox 3 includes an independent unit, so that you do not have to link anything together when you want to extend. A clever hinge system makes the panel tiltable, so it is easy to place ballast tiles (300 x 300 mm). To calculate the correct ballasting, a clear ballast table with regional wind and building height variables included.


Manual ValkBox 3
Datasheet ValkBox 3

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"NuVision Energy is very impressed with the Van der Valk product and the fantastic service you have given. This is a great partnership. We look forward to working with you in the UK."

Roger Boaden - NuVision Energy UK

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